Children Full of Life

This is a very beautiful documentary film emphasizing “true happiness” in the Japanese Education system. In my experience the approach is a very rare find in Japan since they are so focused on academics: getting better scores and cutting down on bad behavior by simply singling it out, shaming or cutting kids out. It is all born out of the cultural value of efficiency. I think this documentary film expresses and reminds us the importance beneath the academics/techniques/details is human connection, trusting and taking enough time when it’s needed and when we process/share ourselves truthfully with others, it brings a real and deep change to our way of thinking. It echoes to the heart which makes the fundamental difference in our lives. This process may lead to the happiness as a whole, as a group experience. It is 40 min long but worth watching entire piece – “true happiness” behind the loss of loved ones, bullying, hardship, courage, fear, carelessness, all sorts of sorrow and tears. How we process it, give enough time and trust are key ingredients.