Karuna Reiki™ is a compassionate energy work that enhances emotional and spiritual well-being by bringing the individual’s awareness into the deeper consciousness where the healing and rejuvenation can occur.

Aesops fable of Sun and Wind illustrates:

Wind bragged to Sun of great strength, while Sun believed there was power in gentleness. As a test of strength they began a game, “Who can lift the coat off that man walking up the road?” First, Wind began by blowing. The harder Wind blew, the more the man shivered and the tighter the man gripped his coat. The wind was so strong that it almost blew the man away, instead of just the coat. Then, it was Sun’s turn. Sun simply came out which warmed the air and defrosted the ground. The man on the road unbuttoned his coat. The sun grew brighter and brighter, radiating heat. Soon the man felt so hot, he took his coat off. “I lit the day through gentleness,” Sun said.

Like Sun’s work, Reiki does not aim to make things happen or to make change. The radiant Reiki energy penetrates deep into the individual and nourishes the person emotionally and spiritually, so that the whole process begins from the inside-out and the progress once stagnant can resume again.

When you have pain that is in your way, feel stuck or need a fresh approach, then that is the time to seek treatment.
The session begins with a brief conversation of the situation/condition. Instead of approaching it as a “problem” to be fixed, it is viewed as information and functions as a guide for treatment. The treatment is then performed without any physical manipulation while the individual lays down in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

Fuminori Onuma is a Reiki & Karuna Reiki™ Master/Teacher with over 20 years of practice and study under several healers and teachers in Japan and the US. He established the following energy works in a collaborative and highly individual process.


To make an appointment, please email AikidoUpHere@gmail.com or call (646) 483-8700.


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