Being a Reiki practitioner is far more than just playing a role; it is about living the teachings,and sharing the light of universal energy with others in everyday interactions and experiences. It means setting up a personal standard of conduct that reflects that you are indeed a channel of light, at all times and in all situations.

Reiki is a work of light (Taiga-no-Inori), a work of higher awareness, meant toassist people’s life journey and coming to a place of openness (Anjin-Ryoumei). The radiant Reiki energy penetrates deep and nourishes the person emotionally and spiritually, so that the whole process begins from the inside-out.

Reiki is not the answer to everything nor a quick fix. When I have had to watch my children struggle through illness or pain, I acknowledge my desire to fix the problem, and provide whatever concrete help I can, but ultimately (and perhaps most importantly) all I can really do is be there and be available. Often that is the role of Reiki: to be the light of the candle, the hope in the darkness.

As a Reiki practitioner, our job is to keep our focus on holding this light of the candle up in the darkness. This involves us becoming more open and clear so that the light will resonate through us – as conduits of higher awareness – and our actions towards our surroundings. This is an act of virtue.


Reiki Level I, II and III :

(Reiki Master Practitioner Level)

– An introduction to Reiki, including it’s history and ideals
– Five Reiki attunements (including the Reiki master level)
– Hands-on practice of the complete structure of Reiki treatment, including learning and practicing a comprehensive way to prepare the self and create a safe environment


**TO REGISTER: Registration is done in person. This gives new students the chance to see the space, speak in person and learn details of the course. To schedule an appointment, please email or call (646) 483-8700**


Reiki Master Teacher:

For people who have completed the Reiki Level I, II and III.

– Learning and receiving attunement to additional sacred Reiki symbols
– Step-by-step instruction on how to give Reiki attunement at all the levels
– Hands-on practice of Reiki attunements



Karuna Reiki™ Master Teacher:

For people who have completed the Reiki Master Teacher Level

– Attunement to all the Karuna Reiki™ symbols
– Instruction on how to give Karuna Reiki™ attunement at all the Levels
– Hands-on practice of Karuna Reiki™ attunements and treatment


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