“Hi Fumi, I enjoyed the Fall cycle. I found that my body is getting stronger than it ever was and that some of the aches I had are no longer there. I feel very inspired by your teaching, and the qualities of your leadership. I think that your leadership and the care you take with the dojo are all qualities I aspire to.

I thought the intro class would be fun to try, but to be honest, I didn’t think I would continue. I never imagined myself in a uniform, enjoying something as disciplined as Aikido, or considering a spiritual path my thing. But I find that I have a spiritual side that I wanted to get in touch with, and the fact that I can actually do the movements at all is a total surprise.
I am so grateful to you Fumi for all that you have taught me and for the beautiful dojo I feel so fortunate to see every week.” L.K.

“Fumi has created something special here. Through well-rounded, thoughtful lessons held in an open-minded and warm-hearted community environment, the practice at Aikido Up Here plays the role of both physical exercise and spiritual fulfillment for me. Where else could I take a break from fast-paced city life to practice meditation, breathing exercises, and martial arts all at once? I can’t thank Fumi enough for building this place, cultivating this practice, and sharing it with us.” J.B.

“I knew nothing about Aikido, when I first entered Fumi’s Dojo. It sounded a bit scary for a 43 year old women who is not particularly athletic….but my friend Diane suggested I would come and watch a class.

The minute I stepped in I was hooked. Even just standing in the Dojo brought a smile to my face, it felt peaceful and welcoming. Fumi combines Aikido & meditation, emphasizing the importance of making a connection with your partner. I found myself very well taken care of, and looking to reciprocate. Yes, you end up on the floor but it does not hurt, it is actually a lot of fun 🙂 I discovered I can move, I discovered I can move others, which to me was a novelty. It is one of those ‘jewel’ classes, you find yourself looking forward to and grateful that you are part of. Pure joy 🙂 !” N.S.

“I am impressed by the atmosphere of peace and respect that is present during the session. Thank you for being such a great teacher. ” I.S.

“I feel very lucky to be a part of this warm & welcoming place and I appreciate the way spirituality and physical fitness interplay.” O.B.

“A great experience due to a wonderful and open instructor” J.A.

“As a dancer and dance teacher, I am fascinated by the movement – its sequence through the body and between bodies, what is projection? How do you ‘meet’ another person’s movement? I love being a student – experiencing new movement. I love observing, seeing, recognizing something but not having the ability to articulate what I’m seeing. I know there is a whole new world of information here that I look forward to discovering. I have also been looking for a spiritual practice for myself. Through my experiences at Aikido Up Here I am drawn to what is possible here. I just know my first challenge is to carve time out of my life to meditate. This is a starting place.” D.M.

“The experience is well crafted from the first singing bowl to the last.” S.N.

“[I appreciate] the physical and energetic beauty of the space, Fumi’s immense generosity, and his sophisticated ability to create a container for the experience to be the teacher both for the child and with the adults.” D.D.

“A wonderful & meditative atmosphere. We appreciate Fumi’s patience and acceptance of the children and his gentle approach. My daughter & I love the spiritual focus of the class.” K.W.

“The boys had a great time! We really appreciated the instructor’s patience and gentleness.” L.B.

“This is the only class I found that emphasized cooperation, not fighting.” D.M.

“As I have mentioned a few times, the spiritual part of Aikido came as a surprise to me, but it let me know I was meant to be there and to learn the very important lessons I have just begun to learn from you and through your class and the practice itself.

Your style of teaching is so wonderful and really sent important messages loud and clear to me. I often found myself feeling very emotional and moved hearing you speak about this practice that you obviously feel so passionate about. There is such a link between physical and spiritual, and with every word you spoke in class it is clear that you know this but you offer the knowledge in a very humble way so everyone may receive the information at the level where they can understand it. You are a great teacher and it is a good thing for the rest of us that you found this way and can now guide us.
With deepest gratitude.” L.P.

One thought on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Onuma Sensei is a very dedicated and kind instructor. It was wonderful to see the warmth and integrity with which he conducted his classes sometime ago. I know that all who come to his dojo receive sincere instruction. One can ask for little more when selecting a teacher to follow.
    Brian Ericksen
    Heaven and Earth Aikido


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